Casinos for Non-Gamblers?

Lots of people frequent casinos but lots more still avoid them. Casinos still carry the stigma of negative gambling for most. But most casinos offer more than gambling. They can be havens of relaxation for the peace-seeking vacationer. Most are actually quality tourist destinations.

Aside from slots, roulette and card-game tables, cigarette smokers, and loud betting, other vacation and relaxation amenities are offered by most casinos for non-gamblers. Lots of modern casinos now consider wellness facilities for their clients' convenience. For one, most casinos have good restaurants. Most of these offer the best cuisines in town in a perfect ambience and with high-class service.

Luxury hotels are also offered by most casinos for non-gamblers. Fact, most grand casinos are located in lobbies, basements, or penthouses of grand hotels. Casino-hotels are often very convenient, designed for the stay-in gambler who plans an all-night gambling or visitors who just want a place for the night.

Casinos within hotels are often accessible to indoor hotel swimming pools, with all the pool-side grills, cocktail lounges, or snack bars available. A refreshing swim in posh hotel pools is often a feature of hotel-casinos for non-gamblers.

How about health gyms and spa? Many casinos are adjacent to these facilities offering stress-relief after tedious gambling sessions. These can include gadgets for aerobics, weights, and calisthenics plus the oriental soothing massages, toning and herb treatments, and jakusi and steam baths.

Some American casinos even have 18-hole golf courses surrounding them, man-made pools and fountains, rock gardens, and resorts. Some are constructed near beaches, making for a wider range of fun and relaxation choices---not to mention sunsets. Sports facilities are also sometimes available in hotel-casinos for non-gamblers.

Some casino-resorts affiliated with yacht clubs offer luxury cruises from port to casino-resort. Non-gamblers often sign up for such cruise and enjoy the gentle sea travel and remarkable stay in the casino-resort. Some are in tie-ups with shopping outlets where scents, accessories, and sweets are sold.

Even for simple and affordable relaxation, there are reasonably priced amenities like a bar, spa, fine dining, and boutique in some casinos for non-gamblers.

Casino design trends today are notably within a broader context, incorporating non-gambling fun and relaxation activities. This makes casinos non-gambler friendly. So not only gambling aficionados but non-gambling but entertainment-hungry tourists have become part of their clientele.

Then again, a word of advice here. A little trying out now and then at the slots or some game table or even a wild number guess at the roulette won't hurt the curious non-gambler. A pinch of experience to add to knowledge is among the amazing offers of casinos for non-gamblers.

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