The Anxieties of a Pathological Gambler

Many forms of gambling can be found anywhere and everywhere all around the world! One only needs to hook up to his internet connection and surf the web in order to find so many gaming sites online. Although this may start as a harmless habit, it may turn out for the worse, especially if a person is prone to have a gambling addiction as pathological gamblers.

The pathological gamblers are gamblers who no longer have any control over the money and time they spend gambling, be it in the real world or in the wired up world of the web. Although gambling may start off as a harmless form of entertainment to them, they soon find themselves slowly becoming compulsive gamblers with a growing addiction for gambling even though this activity would start to affect their normal day to day lives. Such can turn into a really harmful mental illness which could greatly give some very negative outcomes to the person with the gambling problem. These people may often find themselves feeling very anxious and problematic. And although their problem has resulted due to their gambling addiction, they would not be able to control themselves, and would instead, try to find ways to just keep on gambling even though they no longer have the funds to do so. A number of these pathological gamblers may have gone to the extent of even losing their hard earned savings just so they could feel the thrill of gambling. Many have ruined their lives and the lives of their families because of their addiction. And in a way, the effect of gambling addiction is very much similar to that of alcohol addiction. The victim may often be in a continuous state of denial until he finds that it is finally too late to change.

But is it really too late to change? Well, so many of these pathological gamblers have various phases in their addiction and they really do need the help and support of their loved ones, family members or friends as such a mental illness cannot be defeated alone. Many of these people may have already been devastated and faced the anxiety of losing their job because of gambling, or even losing their homes; while others would resort to various criminal activities, or even contemplate suicide. These people really do need psychological help and understanding in order to try to carry on.

There are various gambling treatment counselors present, especially in the western world that are available to help people with gambling problems, but it is very important that the victim first realizes he has a problem and stops self-denial.

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